How to Hide WhatsApp Media Folder On Android Phone


We all use WhatsApp and it is free messenger application which is available in Android, iOs and Windows, many more OS.I think you are in many WhatsApp groups and if any of your friends add photos, videos, etc.These all files will be stored automatically in your phone’s memory or external memory in the folder name of WhatApp media.In order to hide your  WhatsApp Media Folder,we need to use ES File Explorer App which is Top rated and very useful to you.Now, we’ll go through the tutorial of How to hide WhatsApp Media Folder On Android Phone.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to use ES File Explorer to conceal WhatsApp Media folder on Android phone.Obviously, there are various Apps to protect files and folders on Android.but if you are using ES File Explorer as a file manager already,then we don’t require any other apps for hiding WhatsApp Media Folder.You can also use password protection to your private files and folders in ES File Explorer.

You know already that WhatsApp stores a lot of data like conversations,images,audio and video files on your smartphone,which may have your private data.If anyone managed to access your phone then he or she can easily get your private data like conversations with your girl friends.So don’t give your phone to anyone.

To know How to hide WhatsApp Media Folder on Android Phone then you need to follow the steps below with an attention.

How to Hide WhatsApp Media Folder(using ES File Explorer)

1.First,you need to download ES File Explorer from playstore and install it.

2.Now,open the ES File Explorer App and go to any file(Menu-> Local-> Storage) that which you want to hide.

3.You need to long tap(press) on the file/folder you want to hide.

4.You need to tap the menu(three dots which is located top right) and then tap ‘hide’ option.

5.In order to access password protection of your hide files/ need to go to menu -> Setting-> Password Settings ->Hide list protection.Enter your password to protect your private data.

To see the hide files/folders,Go to Menu-> Tools-> Hide list.We can restore and open the hide folders from the hide list.Thats it we have done and learned how to hide WhatsApp Media Folder on Android phone.

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