Mobdro Apk: Download Latest Version [ v2.2.8 ] for iOS

Mobdro Apk is a video streaming application for android and ios like smartphones and tablets. It allows you to watch many things like TV, videos, sports, movies and other interesting stuff easily without paying anything.

Mobdro online TV is an app that allows you to stream videos and television programs broadcasts over the Internet.  

The only catch is that the streams are user-submitted and therefore may be unreliable, irrelevant, or even potentially dangerous.  However, with a little common sense and patience, you can easily find high-quality streams.  The most important feature is that Mobdro apk online TV has a built-in search feature that allows you to find the streaming sources you want quickly.


All in all, with great content and an intuitive easy to use interface, Mobdro Online TV  is a must for anyone looking for free video streams.   Here we share the latest version of Mobdro Apk For iPhone.

This app has a lot of potentials, especially since it’s completely free! If you are looking for something similar or an alternative to Showbox, give this program a shot.

Mobdro provides the best live streaming links and has a huge collection of videos from various genres like movies, entertainment, the latest videos, and many more.

Mobdro has a great user experience where you can search for any video or topic from the search option. Moreover, it is available offline, which means you can download your favorite videos and watch them later without an internet connection, even on the go.

You can find all the most famous channels like ABC News, CN, Comedy Central, YouTube, and a lot more.

Mobdro even fetches links from torrents which is a plus point for this program.

The best thing about using Mobdro online TV is that you can use it on all platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, etc. Moreover, the searching feature of this app is very intuitive, where you can find out any movie, video, or TV show in seconds with its search option, which is quite impressive.

Download and Install Mobdro iOS for iPhone/iPad:

Mobdro has got a simple and user-friendly interface. You can download any of your favorite videos within minutes with just one click on the download button.

The Mobdro iOS app is still not available for the iPhone or iPad. We will notify you if there is an update for iOS devices, but this has not yet occurred.

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Mobdro is an Android-based software that allows you to access hundreds of live TV channels. If you want to view streams on your iOS device, though, there’s an alternative. Follow the instructions below to install it on your iPhone or iPad.

  • For Android and iOS, the top Mobdro alternatives are popcorn time. The first step is to open your device’s settings.
  • Tap ‘Advanced’ after that and open the ‘General’ menu. You can see ‘Background App Refresh’ here. Simply press the option to activate it and set it to ‘ON’.
  • Now, in your Safari web browser, search for “” and press the Enter key after you finish entering the term. When the site is completely loaded, look for popcorn time on it and inject it by tapping on “Start Injection.”
  • Download Mobdro on your iOS device if you want to use an alternative. It is necessary to download some programs in order to complete the injection.
  • When you download and open all of the applications for at least 30 seconds, the website will display a message indicating “Files Injected.”
  • Now, reboot the iOS device and you will find popcorn time on your iOS device.
  • Finally, you’ve downloaded and installed Mobdro on your device. Now that you’ve opened it up, go ahead and watch whatever stream you like.
Download For iOS

Mobdro iOS Alternatives 2021:

Everyone who enjoys streaming wants to see the newest films, series, and other videos. Many individuals, however, have an iOS operating system and can’t use Mobdro for iOS. Don’t worry though; there are several alternatives to Mobdro available that you may install on your iOS device.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the finest Mobdro iOS alternatives for you. Simply read through this to learn which streaming software is best for your iPhone or iPad.

Best Alternatives to Mobdro iOS:

  • Netflix: It’s compatible with iOS gadgets. However, it isn’t as free as Mobdro. As a result, if you want to utilize Netflix, you’ll need to buy a monthly subscription.
  • Hotstar: You may also use this program on your iOS gadget. It’s a free streaming app that has a lot of channels, movies, and other streams. It is also available in several languages.
  • Live NetTV: Live TV is a highly regarded alternative to Mobdro for the iPhone. It supports high-definition streams and Chromecast, as well as live NetTV with over 700 channels. As a result, it may be used on your iOS gadget.
  • YouTube TV: It’s one of the most popular streaming services. YouTube TV has numerous categories, including Sports, News, Children’s Programming, and Soap Operasn to name a few.
  • Yupp TV: This software works with iOS systems and comes in a variety of languages and categories. It’s a free Mobdro alternative for the iPhone and iPad. You may also watch live television using this program.

Specifications of Mobdro for iPad/iPhone:

Mobdro is completely free software, and it has no need to spend money on it. It is also compatible with Android operating systems, however, some users wish to utilize the Mobdro app on their PC so that it may be used with an Android emulator on PC.

If you want to use this program with additional features, go to its official website and purchase the premium edition.

The fact that you can download any stream from the app on your device is one of the finest aspects of Mobdro premium. Both Mobdro iOS and premium are completely safe and secure. It allows users to watch high-definition movies and other video content.

It supports 4K video, so you can enjoy the sharpest picture imaginable and hear great sound quality. It also includes a better sound quality, which will undoubtedly provide you with the best experience possible. If you want to watch your streams on a big screen, connect the software with your smart TV. The following is some additional information about the program.

  • Mobdro for iOS has a tremendous number of the most recent live streams.
  • The Roku Ultra also allows you to access a variety of free and high-definition movies, television shows, news, and other sources.
  • A new user interface has been introduced to the application.
  • You won’t need to log in with your ID in the app. You can use it right away.
  • You don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device.
  • Mobdro is the perfect Android app for watching live TV. Mobdro for iOS delivers all of the most recent streams and series.
  • There is no sniffing problem in the latest update of the app.
  • The app will not give any buffering problems.
  • There is no limit on watching streams.
  • You will get all the premium series. shows, and movies for free.
  • The app gives access to download new movies.
  • You can easily access the complete content of the app.
  • Lots of content are added and updated in the app.
  • It is a completely secured application. Just install and start using it.
  • The app has a small size that’s why you have no need to about your storage.
  • The performance of the app has been improved.


If you want to watch live streams on your iOS device, use the above instructions. They will help you install popcorn time in order to view videos that are not available for iPhone or iPad devices yet.

The process is simple and easy once you download all of the necessary programs needed for installation.

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