What You Need To Know About whatsapp plus app


About WhatsApp plus app

If you’ve reached this page, then you must be familiar with WhatsApp. It’s the world’s leading instant messaging platform which has buried all its global competitors. Acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp has been downloaded billion times with also billions of active users.
whatsapp plus app is a modified version of WhatsApp which offers extended features, themes, and customization. Among the similar apps, WhatsApp plus app becomes very popular due to improved features which enhance the user experience. Here’s what you need to know about whatsapp plus app


While generic WhatsApp has limited features with no customization, whatsapp plus app offers a wider improvement. These include sending large media files, quick sharing, downloading original quality photos, partial copy and paste, changing themes, hiding profile picture, informative chatting statuses, and so forth.

User Experience

Jimods and Holo are two names which are associated as whatsapp plus app developer. As expected, whatsapp plus app works at a similar way to generic Whatsapp but you may have to adapt with some extended features. Some annoying advertisements and bugs may appear in the older version but they’re removed through the newest updates. According to common user experiences, whatsapp plus app as the extended and alternative version of WhatsApp is already satisfying.


The whatsapp plus app is available for both Android and iOS devices but there is no information yet for Windows. However, you won’t find the whatsapp plus app in the Play Store since it’s the enhanced or modified version of WhatsApp. The whatsapp plus app is available to download in the form of APK. It means you’ve to manually download the whatsapp plus app APK packs to your device before installing it.

How to Install

Once you’ve downloaded whatsapp plus app APK from droidapkbuzz.com you can proceed with the installation. However, you’ll be required to enable the permission of installing the application from “unknown sources”. As you’ve finished the installation you need to verify your phone number just like the casual WhatsApp and you’re ready to go.

General Thoughts

Considering the enhanced features and user experiences, whatsapp plus app is recommended to try for Android and iOS users. However, it should be treated as the alternative to the WhatsApp not to replace it since whatsapp plus app is the modified one. Ensure that you install the newest versions of whatsapp plus app to get improved features and better experiences.

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